Friday Chewable: Inspiration for the New Year

Welcome to our series called Friday Chewable: Food for Thought. Once per month we will post a new topic to open your mind, challenge your ideas or just give you something to think about over the weekend.

This fourth installment of Food for Thought will motivate you to pinpoint your dream and pursue it – now!

We’re pretty stoked that you’re following our blog. Long-term travel, or even a round-the-world trip, isn’t something that everyone has a desire to pursue. We understand that because it wasn’t something we always wanted to do. But at the heart of our mindset, this blog and our RTW journey is the idea of turning a great desire or lifelong dream into a reality. Isn’t that what you’re living for – to pursue the things you’re passionate about?

Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis

Even though the new year is more than a month away, we want to encourage an early start to your new year’s resolution. Today is Friday, so after you leave work today, you have a whole weekend ahead of you to be a little selfish and focus on y-o-u. What have you been putting off? Take some time to nail down your personal short-term or long-term goal(s), and then consider what first steps you might take toward achieving your dream. Write down these steps along with deadlines and post them all around your home – on the fridge, the bathroom mirror, your desktop background – as a visual reminder to get moving.

If your personal happiness isn’t enough motivation to begin the first few big steps, we’ve provided a little food for thought below. Additionally, we encourage you to read some real-life stories from people who are living their dream.


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