Buzzing Around the Big Apple

Buzzing Around The Big Apple FI

I love New York City. It is a vibrant, hectic, crowded metropolis that never ceases to leave me exhausted. Tara and I have both been more than 10 times each, but we always welcome the opportunity to return. Recently, Tara and I took a bus up for a weekend to visit some friends. Between gas, Read Post

Learning To Be Good Couchsurfers

Mike and Trang on Monkey Beach

When it comes to trusting strangers on the road, a lot of travelers err on the side of safety and avoid doing anything that might put their possessions or themselves at risk. Whether it’s news reports or firsthand experiences that has created a general sense of distrust, the result is the same, which is the Read Post

Positive Personal Changes After a Year+ of Travel, Part 3

Cherry Blossom 10-Miler Race Bibs

When it comes to good habits I picked up on the road, the majority of them apply to health and nutrition. It is a strange thing to zero in on, but since returning to the United States, I have taken a closer look at what we eat, how much we eat and even the ingredients Read Post

Positive Personal Changes After a Year+ of Travel, Part 2

Swans Made Out of Towels

Let’s be real for a minute. Everyone has fought with his or her significant other in some way. Sometimes it’s audibly evident from a block away, and other times the silent treatment or cold shoulder is given instead. Mike and I are no different. Our pre-trip arguments were mostly petty and quickly resolved. “Tara, you Read Post

Top Ten Favorite Canned Beers

Mike Having a Beer

Chances are that if you are here, it’s because my Coachella camping hacks article sent you this way. Regardless, here is a list of my favorite canned beers that are available all year round (I’ve found some excellent canned beers that are unfortunately seasonal or brewed on a rotating basis, so I’ve cut those in Read Post